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We provide a two year warranty from deliver date which consists in:
  • production flaws
  • material flaws
IMPORTANT: difference in nuance or texture do not consist material flaws!
Jazz Design doesn’t provide warranty for the direct or collateral damages caused by the following omissions and causes:
  • Outdoor use of products (unless specified so)
  • Use of products without adequate protection, in areas in which the temperature exceeds sixty degrees (Celsius)
  • Bending or curvature of wood due to high moister areas of materials which come in contact with the products
  • Mechanical or any other damages caused by faulty handling or storage of products
  • Warranty does not extend for third party’s damages
  • Faulty care or maintenance of products
  • Use of improper solutions during product care
  • Use of improper solution during product maintenance – for oiled products
  • Exposure to high temperature or moisture
  • Direct exposure to sun or humidity sources
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